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2019 China (Shanghai) 24th International Yacht and Technology Equipment Exhibition Information

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    On June 20-22, 2019, Flishpropeller, a global propeller application specialist, presented the 24th exhibition of the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) with propeller products and application technology. As a comprehensive yacht show with large scale, longest history, more exhibits and more brands in Asia, this exhibition has a strong lineup, bringing together more than 550 yachts and aerospace companies in 7 major countries around the world, and 55,000 square meters of exhibition area. More than 40,000 professional audiences at home and abroad show the vigorous development of the yacht industry. The rapid development of the yacht industry is also fierce competition in the industry. How to maintain a healthy and rapid development in the fierce market competition is a problem that every yacht industry must seriously consider.


    Flishpropeller is a global innovative R&D company dedicated to the development and application of marine propellers. Flishpropeller is a new company, but it also plays an important role in the industry with its excellent product quality and service concept.


    Flishpropeller is a technology-based company that has developed into a "production skin application, product innovation, professional service". Its market share has increased year by year. With its ultra-fast delivery speed, it has become an important partner of major ship repair and shipyard companies at home and abroad. The bidding of the terminal owner specifies the brand.


    At this exhibition, Flishpropeller displayed various products and technical services on site, and brought a complete “pre-sale, sale, after-sales service” system staff to communicate with exhibitors with full enthusiasm and patience. Explain the characteristics and advantages of the exhibits, and conduct on-site technical application analysis, attracting numerous exhibitors to stop and communicate. Through three days of exhibitions, we have reached a cooperation intention with a number of shipbuilding and repairing companies.


    Based on the current severe energy conservation situation and the government's consistent principle of support for emerging industries, the spare parts industry has caught up with the market economy's new normal market. Yang Ying, general manager of Flishpropeller, said at the show that the company will further adapt to the spare parts industry. New demands, continuous upgrading and innovation of products and services, steady and steady, and courage to contribute to China's maritime industry, contributing to the cause of maritime safety!


Flishpropeller will bring you better quality, better price, faster delivery speed and give you the best experience.




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