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2021, Flishpropeller will move forward with you!

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In 2020, we have all encountered very big challenges. In the past year, we have experienced an unprecedented COVID-19 virus. This is also the opportunity for us to miss many exhibitions and face-to-face communication with customers.

But because of this, we learned to be grateful and thank all our old and new friends for their support over the past year. Flishpropeller's share of China's export propeller market last year accounted for approximately 33%. Mainly exported to Australia, Greece, the United States, New Zealand, Germany, Russia and other regions. We have been recognized by more and more markets, and we have established our own dealer organizations in more and more regions. I believe that Flishpropeller will go further and further in the ship parts industry. 

I also hope to get the trust of more and more friends. We wish you all success in your career in 2021. Flishpropller makes progress with you!


Flishpropeller will bring you better quality, better price, faster delivery speed and give you the best experience.




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