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9.9-15 HP Aluminum Outboard Propeller for Yamaha 63V-45945-10-EL 8 Teeth RH

9 1/4 x 9 OEM stainless steel outer propeller for 9.9 - 15 HP Yamaha engines, ref. 63V-45945-10-EL, 8 spline teeth, RH Fully suitable for high speed outboard motor; Unleash the outboard motor performance, high speed, strong and durable. Strong, each product has been strictly tested. Delivery time is 3-6 days via express shipping methods;
  • 63V-45945-10-EL

  • Flishpropeller

  • 63V-45945-10-EL


  • Number of Blades: 3, Thru Hub Exhaust, Rubber Hub System Built In-REQUIRES NEED HUB KIT

  • Material: Aluminum 

  • Color: White

  • Spline: 8,Fits 8Tooth Spline Propeller Shaft

  • Number of Blades: 3

  • Rotation: Right Hand rotation (Standard Clockwise Rotation), Hub: Included       (Interchangeable hub)

Although our company is a newly developed company, but we have developed related industries for four years, so we have enough experience and foundation to develop ourselves in the field of propeller. We have our own price advantage, and the quality is higher than other suppliers. Just use our product once, you will realize our brand advantage.
We have our own base in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, and we have our own testing methods and continuous improvement of technology. Now we could offer a variety of propeller products to satisfy a wide range of engine and hull configuration . We sincerely expect to cooperation with you .
Precautions for propeller:
1. Selecting propeller usually takes precedence over the size of propeller with original machine.
2. The pitch of propeller is the most important parameter of ship speed, followed by diameter. As the name implies, the bigger the pitch, the faster the speed! But we should also follow the following points: the ship's own weight, or heavy load to use small pitch propeller, ship light, speed fans can choose large pitch, the bottom of the V, deep V and shallow V will also affect the speed of the ship!
Propeller is a vulnerable component. There are several points for attention in the use of propeller.
1. Rubber sleeve is used for shock absorption and protection of gear box. It can relieve vibration at the moment of engine start-up by rubber sleeve. When the propeller rotates at high speed, it encounters reefs, wood, or entangled with ropes and fishing nets, reaching a certain limit. Rubber sleeve will slip to protect the engine. Drive shaft and gearbox assembly! So the propeller can not be used for a long time under load or overload, which will cause damage to the engine!
2. The blade of the propeller bends or breaks when it is impacted violently. In this case, please put out the fire immediately, stop traveling, hoist the machine to check the damage of the propeller, then rekindle the engine, check whether the engine is damaged or not. If you can start and sail, please come ashore immediately or go to the nearest maintenance station to repair the machine professionally and replace the propeller.
There is a big gap between water navigation and land travel climate and rescue. For your safe travel, we sincerely recommend that customers have spare propellers and propeller fittings on board! Be prepared for a rainy day.


Refer   to the adaptive modelSimilar to OEM   NoDescriptionHub TypeBladeDiamPitchRotationFlish No
    2-1/2" Gearcase
    T8, T9.9...all years
    F9.9(4 stroke)...2000-2007
    F15(4 stroke)...1998-newer
    F20(4 stroke)...2007-newer
    9.9hp(2 stroke)...1984-2009
    15hp(2 stroke)...1984-2009
    F20(4 stroke)...2007-newer
63V-45947-00-ELA   GROUP
    8 tooth spline
Pressed   in
39 1/48RHY-9A889R-08
63V-45945-10-EL39 1/49RHY-15A398R-09
63V-45952-10-EL39 1/410RHY-9A310R-10
63V-45943-10-EL39 1/411RHY-9A311R-11
683-45947-00-EL39 1/48RHY-9A308R-08
683-45945-00-EL39 1/49RHY-15A309R-09
683-45952-00-EL39 1/49 3/4RHY-15A308R-09
683-45941-00-EL39 1/412RHY-9A308R-12


Small motor boats, fishing boats, yachts, caution boats, motor boat.


Total Area: 5,800 square meters
Mechanical Processing Equipment: more than 20 sets
Rated Loading Capacity of Bridge Crane: 150 metric tons
Max. Lifting Height of Bridge Crane: 20 meters
No. of Test Stands: 11 sets
Independent physical and chemical laboratory
Quality inspection capability of mechanical properties and nondestructive flaw detection


Packing detail:Standard export packing, or according to client's requirements.
Delivery detail:Have a lot of stock,Shipped in 15-25 days after payment.



Flishpropeller will bring you better quality, better price, faster delivery speed and give you the best experience.




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