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Classification of propellers

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    The Flishpropeller series of products are produced through a process that is strictly prohibited. Whether it is material selection, overall geometric design, product testing and production, it is to enhance the performance of the propeller, better adapt to navigation conditions and make full use of host power. Flishpopeller's design uses CAD, CAM and CAE technologies to ensure product safety and reliability.

1.Aluminum alloy propeller

    It adopts an extrusion-type die-casting manufacturing method that is stronger, stronger and more durable than the conventional traditional die-casting products, to increase product quality and safety.

    The cut-off surface of the extruded die-casting screw is almost seamless, and it is pressed in this way to be finer and more robust than the conventionally-pressed propeller.

The reason why Flishpropeller has strong corrosion resistance is because we have adopted the highest quality coatings and high-tech coating technology. The 4-layer protective lacquered aluminum alloy propeller is the guarantee that we can bring customers a high quality experience.

    Flishpropeller's aluminum propellers have stronger blades, better performance, better maneuverability, and a unique design for heavy-duty jet engines for better propulsion.

2. Stainless steel propeller

    All the flishpropeller propellers are like works of art because they are produced with the highest quality materials and the most elaborate production process. In order to ensure the quality of the products, we have made the most stringent requirements for the experimental base, prototype testing, and theoretical calculations, in order to meet all the requirements of customers and produce the highest quality products.

    Compared to aluminum alloy propellers, stainless steel propellers have excellent durability and corrosion resistance. Flishpropeller stainless steel propellers are high quality products produced by one-piece casting process. And with its strong corrosion resistance and increased durability of the propeller blades, our products have the highest nickel, chromium and molybdenum in the industry. Flishpropeller's focus is to improve production with perfect production technology and high-efficiency production conditions, to bring the highest quality products to our customers, and to continuously improve themselves in the process.


Flishpropeller will bring you better quality, better price, faster delivery speed and give you the best experience.




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