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Flishpropeller visits the international yacht and its technical equipment exhibition, summer carnival countdown

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“The strongest carnival in summer” ------ The 24th International Yacht and Technology Equipment Exhibition will be held from June 20th to June 23rd at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) as scheduled. There will be professional technology to communicate with everyone.

Work together to achieve a win-win situation ------

    With the ultra-fast delivery speed and high-quality products and the new star Flishpropeller platform has entered the final preparation stage, "Sheng" installed to attend, will be beyond the trend of the imagination to shock the audience? Let us wait and see! At that time, everyone is welcome to visit our booth.

Traffic Guide


Exhibition Hall: National Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

Address: No. 333, Zhangze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai (North Gate of the Exhibition Hall)

    National Exhibition Center (Shanghai), the exhibitor registration and the main registration entrance of the exhibition are located in the entrance of the North Gate of the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Exhibition Hall (No. 1). If you take the subway, please start at the subway line 2 Station East Station is located in the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao). If you are driving by car or taking a taxi: It takes about 5 minutes from Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2.

Pudong Airport passenger flight inquiry: +86 21 96990

Hongqiao International Airport Passenger Service Hotline: +86 21 52604620



Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station - National Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao)

     Taxi: 1.5 km apart; Metro: Take Metro Line 2 directly to the convention complex.

Shanghai Railway Station - National Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao)

     Taxi: 25.5 km apart; Subway: Take Line 1 to People's Square Station, and transfer to Line 2 to get to the exhibition complex.

Shanghai South Railway Station - National Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao)

     Taxi: 23 kilometers apart; the subway can take the No. 1 line to the People's Square Station, and the 2nd line can go directly to the exhibition complex.

parking lot:

1. 4,000 berths in the exhibition hall (3000 in the exhibition hall and 1000 in the supporting area)

2. Set up 4 supporting parking and transfer facilities in the periphery, and set up 7000 car parking spaces.

3. Set up an integrated parking lot near 800 parking berths and 2,000 car berths.


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