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Future development of the propeller

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For nearly a hundred years, the role of the propeller has never been lacking, but rather a lot of "deformation". In addition to the common styles, different types of marine propellers also include variable pitch propellers, counterpropellers, guide vanes, pod propellers, water jet propellers, etc., each with its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. But they are all important players that generate thrust.

The marine propeller is the driving force of the hull. The propeller of the ship's body actively obtains the power and rotates the propeller under the waterline, pushing the water to the ship and using the reaction force of the water to drive the hull forward. With the large size of the ship and the advancement of the speed requirements, the requirements for the propeller are also constantly improving.

Looking ahead, the change in the hull determines the change of the marine propeller, and the development of the ship is also affected by too many factors. But overall, the goal of propeller development is not only to generate more thrust, but to promote larger ships, but also to consider how to save energy and save costs while ensuring quality. Today's energy is becoming more and more expensive, the propeller design will be more challenging, designers must work hard to improve efficiency, and even use ingenuity, apply geometric changes to reduce the energy consumption of the propeller operation. It is one of the prerequisites for the future of the propeller industry.


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