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How to adjust the pitch and diameter of the inflatable boat propeller

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    Accurate inflatable boat propeller pitch is significantly dependent on the size, weight and type of the ship, as well as the power of the engine. Please note that adjusting the pitch and diameter of your inflatable boat propeller is important for its speed and performance on the water. If you are looking for a high speed boat in clear water, the pitch of the propeller will be varied, not if you are just fishing along the river. Below are instructions on how to accurately adjust the pitch and diameter of the marine propeller.

Adjusting the pitch of the inflatable boat propeller;

    The marine propeller includes a core formed by a first cylindrical member and a second cylindrical member joined together. In addition, the marine propeller also includes a plurality of blades equal to the number of insertion holes. Each blade includes an adjustment member and a blade member. The positioning member coupled to the adjustment member is carefully mated with the receiving member for adjusting the pitch of the marine propeller blade. Adjust the pitch so that the final full throttle rotation per minute matches the way you use your inflatable boat.

Adjust the diameter of the ship's propeller;

    Look for advice from manufacturers on the proper diameter of your inflatable boat engine. Consider the manual because the design of the inflatable boat may affect the propeller's preferences, just like the horsepower of the engine. For example, the ship's manual recommends the use of 15 to 18 inch diameter propellers, and the engine manual recommends the use of 17 to 20 inch propellers, and you should start with 17 to 18 inch propellers. The performance is the same for the stadium. If one suggestion is a 17 to 22 inch pitch and the other is a 20 to 24 inch pitch, then you can start at a 20 to 22 inch pitch.


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