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Impeller for SEADOO 130HP 267000677 155.5mm 11/19


Blades:4SEADOO-130HP 抛光叶轮(11-19) (1)

Diameter (mm):155.5mm

Brand Name:FLISH

Place of Origin:China

Name:Jet Ski Impeller

March Engine Brand:SEADOO JET SKI


Material:Stainless steel



Package:Carton Box

Product Description

Powerboat sports began in Britain, Germany, and some industrially developed countries in the United States. With the need for human beings to march to the ocean, the sport of motor boats is developing day by day, the technical level is getting higher and higher, and the technical achievements of athletes have contributed to ship design and marine engine manufacturing.


Jet skis are relatively simple to operate. At present, the most widely used power unit on yachts is the diesel engine power unit. Some boats also use gasoline engines as power units. The biggest advantage of this power unit is high thermal efficiency, the propeller speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the operation is simple and easy to operate.

Less dangerous. Motorboats can sail on shallower waters, and because there are no propellers, there is no danger for the crew to fall into the water.


Advantages of Flish motor boat impellers Fine workmanship, excellent performance and high cost performance.

The difference between three-leaf and four-blade: three-leaf is a modified type of competitive impeller, which has the advantage of faster acceleration in the front section and soft performance in the rear section.

Impeller appearance difference: the difference between the matte surface and the stainless steel glossy surface is the resistance, in the water stainless steel glossy surface resistance is less than the matte surface, and then the speed is better than the matte surface impeller.

Brand/OEM part No.

Diameter Type
Seadoo Spark SK-CD-12/14 90HP(3 blades) 140mm 12/17
Bombardier/SEADOO Seadoo Spark SK-CD-12/17 90HP(3 blades) 140mm 12/14
Bombardier/SEADOO - 267000584 90HP(4 blades) 140mm 13/20
Bombardier/SEADOO - 267000677 130HP 155.5mm 11/19
Bombardier/SEADOO - 267001044 130HP New 155.5mm 11/19
Bombardier/SEADOO - 267000803 RXP260HP 159mm 15/21
Bombardier/SEADOO - 267000695 RXP-X300HP 161mm 13/16
Bombardier/SEADOO - SX4-TP-13/16 300HP 161mm 13/16

Packaging & Shipping

We have special cartons and carefully pack each product by hand.flish outboard prop

This is our attitude towards our customers. We expect every product to arrive at its destination smoothly, and we will also give an additional box for replacement.

Company Information

We are an enterprise integrating industry and trade.

We mainly produce aluminum alloy propellers and stainless steel propellers and their corresponding copper fittings.

Our flish propeller brand is registered as a US trademark and a European trademark that can be purchased and used with confidence.



1. About MOQ

We stock products with a minimum order quantity of 50 pcs for a single product model and a MOQ of 100 pcs for customized products.

2. Mass production time of the product

Depending on the volume, the handling cycle varies from one to four weeks.

3. Regarding payment or other questions

Please email me or contact me directly on WhatsApp.


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