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Impeller for YAMAHA VX700-6AE00 YH-CD-11/14 155.5mm

  • VX700-6AE00


Blades:3yamaha impeller VX700-6AE00

Diameter (mm):155.5mm

Brand Name:FLISH

Place of Origin:China

Name:Jet Ski Impeller

March Engine Brand:YAMAHA JET SKI


Material:Stainless steel



Package:Carton Box

Product Description

In a sense, jet skis travel through water the same way a rocket flies through the air. However, unlike rockets, jet skis do not use high-pressure gas to generate thrust, but use jet drives to generate a powerful flow of water. Through the jet drive, a large amount of water is propelled by the impeller and sprayed to the rear of the boat through the rotary guide tube.

An impeller is a rotor-like device that is installed in a cylindrical channel in the hull of a motorboat. The engine drives the impeller to rotate through the propeller shaft. The curved blades of the impeller rotate rapidly, driving water through the cylindrical channel and the rotary guide tube.


For the use of motor boat impellers, there are many precautions, such as rinsing with fresh water as much as possible after playing in the seawater to prevent seawater from corroding the hull and engine. While playing in the lake, special attention should be paid to not running aground and floating objects in the water, and the motor boat engine is still very damaging if it inhales floating objects or aquatic plants.

The impeller is divided into three-bladed and four-leaf ones. The three-leaf is a modified type of competitive impeller, which has the advantage of faster acceleration in the front section and soft performance in the rear section.

Impeller appearance difference: the difference between the matte surface and the stainless steel glossy surface is the resistance, in the water stainless steel glossy surface resistance is less than the matte surface, and then the speed is better than the matte surface impeller.

Engine cc Model Year PUMP Diameter Flish No.
VX1100 Wave Raider 1100/Wave Venture 1100 95-97 155mm
VX700 vx700 2006- vx-155-B

Packaging & Shipping

We have special cartons and carefully pack each product by hand.Thisflish outboard prop

 is our attitude towards our customers. We expect every product to arrive at its destination smoothly, and we will also give an additional box for replacement.

Company Information

We are a factory specializing in the production and sales of motorboat impellers in China, our independent research and development capabilities, our production of motorboat impellers are mainly sold to North America, Europe and Russia.

Advantages of Flish motor boat impellers Fine workmanship, excellent performance and high cost performance.



1.Nature of the company (factory or trader)

We are an enterprise integrating industry and trade.

2.Mass production time of the product

Depending on the volume, the handling cycle varies from one to four weeks.

3.The cost of the sample and the production time of the sample

Customers can choose the required sample model, and the products in stock can be shipped on the same day.


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