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    Choosing the Right Propeller_By Neil MullenRecent advantages in outboard technology have made choosing the correct propeller for your boat both easier and more difficult... easier because the number of choices has doubled, and harder, for the same reason. Propeller manufacturers have been busy devel

  • 2021, Flishpropeller will move forward with you!

    In 2020, we have all encountered very big challenges. In the past year, we have experienced an unprecedented COVID-19 virus. This is also the opportunity for us to miss many exhibitions and face-to-face communication with customers.

  • Why do propellers usually turn right?

    Why do propellers usually turn right? Propeller, commonly known as vehicle blade, consists of several blades. The number of blades is usually three, four or five, and the angles between the blades are equal. The propeller is usually installed at the stern of a ship. The connecting part between the

  • The difference between marine propeller and submarine propeller

    The difference between marine propeller and submarine propeller 1. Accurately speaking, the propeller itself has the so-called open water efficiency, which is an efficiency curve determined by the speed and geometry of the propeller itself. Please Baidu for details. In addition, there are so-called

  • Propeller Product Description

    A propeller consisting of a hub and a plurality of blades fixed radially to the hub, commonly known as a vane. The propeller is installed below the stern waterline, and the host receives power to rotate, pushing the water toward the ship, and pushing the ship forward by the reaction force of the

  • How to correct after the propeller blade is deformed

    Due to the long-term use of copper propellers, the collision of floating objects, the hitting of reefs or the rolling of steel cables will deform the blades and often cause blockages and cracks. After the blade is deformed, the light will cause the pitch to be inaccurate with the normal, resulting i

  • [Popular Science] Damage of Cavitation to Ship Propellers

    [Popular Science] Damage of Cavitation to Ship Propellers Few people associate small bubbles with lethality. But in fact, those bubbles are extremely lethal for poorly designed propellers.Propellers are generally one of the hardest parts on a ship, but they are often killed by bubbles. And here th

  • How to adjust the pitch and diameter of the inflatable boat propeller

    Accurate inflatable boat propeller pitch is significantly dependent on the size, weight and type of the ship, as well as the power of the engine. Please note that adjusting the pitch and diameter of your inflatable boat propeller is important for its speed and performance on the water. If you ar

  • Why do ships use propellers instead of fishtail-like devices?

    Why do ships use propellers instead of fishtail-like devices? At present, there is a contradiction in bionic propulsion: if the mechanical design is more complex, that is, the closer to the fish tail, the more serious the energy loss is, and the more complex the control is. In the final analysis, bi

  • Propeller installation

    Since the propeller is mentioned, the assembly process of the propeller has to be described in detail. There are two ways to install the propeller on the shaft: one is a keyed installation and the other is a keyless installation. With the continuous development of shipbuilding technology, in

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