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Propeller installation

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    Since the propeller is mentioned, the assembly process of the propeller has to be described in detail.

    There are two ways to install the propeller on the shaft: one is a keyed installation and the other is a keyless installation. With the continuous development of shipbuilding technology, in order to avoid the concentrated force caused by machining key grooves on the propeller shaft, more and more ships choose to install without keys, and gradually replace the keyed installation.

    The keyless installation method is to install the propeller by the keyless hydraulic sleeve. The propeller is placed on the ship shaft, the hydraulic nut is installed, and the high pressure oil is pumped out by the oil pump. The oil pipe will enter the boring shaft and the propeller from the oil groove in the inner hole of the hub. The tapered surface fits the hub to elastically deform and expand. At the same time, high pressure oil is supplied to the hydraulic nut, and the hydraulic nut generates forward thrust to move the propeller forward. When the propeller is pushed to the specified position, the high-pressure oil of the hub taper hole is first placed, and then the high-pressure oil in the hydraulic nut is discharged. Due to the recovery of the elastic deformation of the hub, the propeller is tightly fitted on the boring shaft.


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