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The St. Lawrence River small mouth fishery may be the best country now

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Brandon Palaniuk is not surprised by the results of the recent competition

A year ago, when Brandon Palaniuk first saw the 2018 Bassmaster Elite series, he expected it would require a 100-pound catch to win a four-day event on the St. Lawrence River in New York, and Yamaha professionally missed him. Guess less than five pounds. Surprisingly, he predicted the weight of the smallmouth bass, not the bigmouth bass.

“There is no doubt that the St. Lawrence small-mouth fishery is now one of the best places,” said Palaniuk, who scored the seventh place with a score of 89-2. “Everyone is shocked by the weight we bring, but in fact, I believe the big fish has been around for a few years. The time for our tournament has just passed a few weeks.”

The St. Lawrence River - also known as the St. Lawrence Seaway - flows 700 miles northeast from Lake Ontario, through parts of northern New York and parts of Ontario and Quebec, and then into the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean. Since the French explorer Jacque Cartier discovered it in 1535, it is known for its excellent fishing.

Since 1978, when Bass St. Lawrence has been a bass angler's favorite fishing destination® there was the first game. During the early tournaments, bigmouths were targeted rather than small, because they were always heavier. In contrast, this year, Yamaha Pro Matt Lee brought five small calibers on the first day of the game, weighing 27-12, which is the heaviest day of the Bassmaster game. On the same day, 52 of the 107 participants were weighing at least 20 pounds.

“Most people agree that two major factors have changed the small mouth fishery,” continued Palaniuk, 2017 BASS® Annual Angler. “They have two invasive species, zebra mussels and a small feed fish called round goby. The goby was discovered in St. Lawrence in 1990, and some people predict that the fish will be eliminated because It is well known that goby will eat salmon eggs.

"On the contrary, the opposite is true. These goby, which are only three to four inches long, have become the main source of food for small mouths. The reason we haven't caught so many big mouths before is because our game was arranged a few weeks ago. After that, Bass completely recovered from spawning.

Like most contestants, Palaniuk captured a soft plastic bait with a goby imitation on his small mouth. The heaviest small mouth in the Yamaha professional event weighs more than 6 pounds and ends with 25-12 the next day.

“I caught my fish 18 to 30 feet deep and I concentrated it on where I found large rocks, smaller gravel and sand,” he explained. “Many fishermen ran a lot in different places, but I concentrated on a 15-mile stretch, so I can spend my time fishing instead of running. Because of the zebra mussels, the water is very clear, I can see me. A small mouth captured in 20 feet of water.

"One of the toughest problems for the St. Lawrence River's small tongue," Palaniuk continued. "Small mouth schools have moved a lot. I'm not sure why this happens because the gobies don't move that much. The strong currents of the river only wash them away, so they always take shelter around the rocks. However, it is often difficult to reposition the bass because they have a lot of habitat."

Even so, Yamaha professionals concluded that St. Lawrence has enough small mouth to satisfy any bass fisherman. If you travel to the river, you can arrange it from August to mid-September, and the biggest mouth may bite.

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