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Why do propellers usually turn right?

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Why do propellers usually turn right?

   Propeller, commonly known as vehicle blade, consists of several blades. The number of blades is usually three, four or five, and the angles between the blades are equal. The propeller is usually installed at the stern of a ship. The connecting part between the propeller and the stern shaft is called the hub, and the blade is fixed on the hub. When looking at the bow from the stern of a ship, one side of the propeller blade is called the blade surface (pressure surface) and the other side is called the blade back (suction surface). The outer end of the blade is the tip of the blade, and the connection with the hub is called the root of the blade. When a propeller rotates, the circular trajectory of the blade tip is the tip circle.

This circle is called the propeller disk. The diameter is called the propeller diameter, and its area is called the disk area. When a propeller is spinning in front of a vehicle, a right-handed propeller is called a right-handed propeller, whereas a left-handed propeller is called a right-handed propeller. The propeller of a twin-propeller ship is mounted on both sides of the stern of the ship. When propeller rotates normally, it is called an inner propeller if it rotates towards the midline of the ship, and vice versa, an outer propeller. The diameter of propeller is often limited by draught. Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the propeller, the lower the speed, the higher the efficiency. The propeller and the stern frame of the ship should be well coordinated to avoid the tip of the blade coming out of the water and affecting the efficiency. Propeller hull clearance should be appropriate to avoid serious vibration. Turn right, I personally understand it should be clockwise rotation bar! GB/T 21479 "Ships and Marine Technology Marine Propulsion Devices"



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