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    Following the Government’s announcement that large gatherings without allocated seating should not go ahead, the 2020 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show, scheduled for May 14-17 will be postponed.Organisers of the show, which has been held at the ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane every year since 1956, rem
  • 2019 China (Shanghai) 24th International Yacht and Technology Equipment Exhibition Information
    On June 20-22, 2019, Flishpropeller, a global propeller application specialist, presented the 24th exhibition of the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) with propeller products and application technology. As a comprehensive yacht show with large scale, longest history, more exhibits and more brand
  • Flishpropeller meets you at China Expo
    2019 China (Shanghai) 24th International Boat and its Technical Equipment Exhibition and 2019 Shanghai International Boat Show will move to the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), 55000m2 presents a panoramic view of the yacht industry chain.
  • [Popular Science] Damage of Cavitation to Ship Propellers
    [Popular Science] Damage of Cavitation to Ship Propellers Few people associate small bubbles with lethality. But in fact, those bubbles are extremely lethal for poorly designed propellers.Propellers are generally one of the hardest parts on a ship, but they are often killed by bubbles. And here th
  • How to adjust the pitch and diameter of the inflatable boat propeller
    Accurate inflatable boat propeller pitch is significantly dependent on the size, weight and type of the ship, as well as the power of the engine. Please note that adjusting the pitch and diameter of your inflatable boat propeller is important for its speed and performance on the water. If you ar
  • Classification of propellers
    The Flishpropeller series of products are produced through a process that is strictly prohibited. Whether it is material selection, overall geometric design, product testing and production, it is to enhance the performance of the propeller, better adapt to navigation conditions and make full use of
  • Future development of the propeller
    For nearly a hundred years, the role of the propeller has never been lacking, but rather a lot of "deformation". In addition to the common styles, different types of marine propellers also include variable pitch propellers, counterpropellers, guide vanes, pod propellers, water jet propellers, etc.,
  • How big can a marine propeller reach?
    At present, the mainstream spiral slurry of marine vessels is made of copper-nickel alloy or copper-manganese alloy. Of course, there are stainless steel, cast iron, and even fiberglass reinforced plastic propellers, but the number is small.Let's see how the copper-nickel alloy propeller is process
  • Introduction to the propeller
    The history of propellers can be traced back to the records in "Tiangong Kaiwu", which was found on the chariots of the Yellow Emperor. In the Tang Dynasty, Li Wei installed a human paddle wheel on the side or the side of the ship, called the "paddle ship" or "wheel ship" (this is the origin of the
  • How to choose the right outboard propeller?
    Each model of the outboard engine has a variety of propellers for use. The matching of the ship, the engine and the propeller has an important influence on the boat driving, the ride comfort, the sailing speed, the fuel economy and the the engine life. In order to get the boat to its best condition,
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